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Tractor Max will pull out the ambulance, it fell into the hole. A cartoon for kids about cars. 운전자보험할증지원금 운전자보험환급률 타이어파손보험

트랙터 맥스가 마을을 산책하러갔습니다. 그의 모험은 그를 기다리고 있습니다. 빨간 스포츠카가 울타리 표지판을 치고 떠났습니다. 그리고 구급차에는 이러한 징후가 없습니다 …

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Truck Tim Сartoons


다이렉트참좋은운전자보험 1737

다이렉트참좋은운전자보험 MRI보험적용
Cartoons for kids about cars. Ambulance, helicopter, hospital ship. Help a hare and a teddy bear 다이렉트참좋은운전자보험 LG생명보험 5:21 적금보험

In this series of cartoons about cars, ambulance car hurries to the station. Cars pass an ambulance, because it has flashing lights and a siren. Ambulance takes the bunny to the hospital. Cars on the road should be very careful to notice an ambulance in time and miss it. Upon arrival at the ambulance station, a bunny on a stretcher sets off for treatment. And the ambulance is in the garage. Where are the other ambulances. On the roof of the garage, there is a landing pad for an ambulance helicopter. Often, an ambulance helicopter arrives earlier on a call, because it does not need to loop through the long city streets. He, gaining altitude, flies straight to the patient. Received a call. Ambulance and helicopter are sent on a call. When an ambulance arrives at the injured bear cub, it is already on a stretcher packed in the helicopter that flew earlier. An ambulance helicopter will deliver the bear cub to the hospital ship.
Such a vessel is equipped with a special helicopter deck and the necessary medical equipment. A vessel can take sick patients aboard directly on the water. Here is the little bear help and heal a sore foot.
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Truck Tim Сartoons